UFONAUT 2.0- CEV, Source, Reptilian Slavemasters, & 2012

Jan. 16, 2012

Tune in to hear all about the fantastic interview I had with the boys from Collective-Evolution. They've created an interesting new documentary available for FREE. They give us the good word about the fate of humanity.  Everything we've heard about Occupy and what it stands for is not a passing fad.  The world is at a tipping point and MUST change.  We even get deep enough to discover the true masters of the human race- Reptilians- Many of you are thinking-'Really'?  But there is much bigger picture at play here and these guys are hitting it- we're being forced to evolve whether we like it or not.  Let me also give you the Ufological goods, and if we have time, my prophecies for 2012.

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