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A Long-Awaited Accessibility Round Table Podcast!!!

July 31, 2010

It has indeed been quite a while since BlindWorld has done an accessibility podcast, and I thought it was about time we changed that.  Last evening, or whatever time of day is was for you all, I got together with six new participants, and this is the result of that gathering.  For this podcast, we had members from Texas, ALabama, Arizona, Louisiana via California, New York, and we actually had two from Ontario, Canada.  It is truly an international podcast, and we had a blast.  It turned into a fantastic discussion of IOS 4 and how it is used on a daily basis in the routines of different blind persons throughout the world, literally.  I am very excited that these fellows would take the time to help me get this one out to you all, and what fun it was!  We always try to do our very best for you listeners, and I do believe we have come back into the podcasting arena with a bang.  Sit back, relax, have a drink of your favorite beverage, eat your popcorn, and enjoy the latest BlindWorld round table!!! neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.