Manifesting the Positive!

Get your bailout now!

Oct. 16, 2009

You’ve heard a lot in the news for the past year about the government bailout of banks, insurance companies, the auto makers, and more. Now learn how you can benefit from this bailout yourself.

No joke! Join us when we will be interviewing an associate of self-made billionaire and my friend, Bill Bartmann.

Bill has been buying bank owned assets and loans since 1986. He started from his kitchen table with a $13,000 loan from the bank, Bill made over 3.5 Billion dollars in 10 years, and he is now teaching others how to profit from this awesome financial recession.

As you know, the rate at which bank owned assets are being charged off is at an all time high. Literally hundreds of billions of dollars in loans are available to purchase for pennies on the dollar. The cash flow in this arena is lucrative and abundant. In fact it only takes 60-90 days to produce cash flow!

Tune in find out how this all works.

Bill Bartmann is the nation's foremost expert on entrepreneurship and has been inducted into the Entrepreneur of the Year Hall of Fame.

We are going to interview Bill’s handpicked expert, Jeff Brucculeri, and get the hard core truth about this business.

Here is what you will learn from this show:
• How this business can be launched with no start up cash or experience
• Where do these non-performing assets come from?
• The 5 steps to purchasing loans for pennies on the dollar
• How to borrow the money from the bank to purchase loans
• Why this opportunity has a two year time span to capitalize on
• How Bill Bartmann bought his first box of loans for $13,000 and a decade later had a net worth of more than $3.5 Billion.

And there is one more thing; Bill is looking for 100 people who want to partner with a billionaire and work side by side with him in this business.
This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, which we will discuss further on our show. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.