Civil War Chronicles

Civil War Voices From The Front 1 of 9

Dec. 20, 2012

Civil War Voices From The Front 1 of 9,Deliveries from the past as if it were as urgent as today's mail: listeners will experience several battles in the American Civil War through the simplicity and honesty, the clarity and colour. 1) The Battle of Bull Run describes the Civil War's first important battle. 2) Throughout the war, the Union's naval blockade was suppose to starve the Confederacy into submission. But daring Blockade Runners found ways to break through it. You'll hear their adventures and struggles. Southern sailors and Northern, pitted against each other. 3) In early 1862, top commanders and their Southern troops surprised the Union forces at Shilob, Tennessee. It was two day battle of widespread confusion. Many fought with determination, but many ran. Under General Ulysses Grant the Northerners rallied and wrested victory on the second day, but the cruel cost of Shiloh was shocking to both sides. 4) The Fall of New Orleans was a desperate brawl in the Mississippi River Delta, with hideous attacks by land and water and much more. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.