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IIC Information Alerts and February 19th Episode of Islam in 60 Seconds

Feb. 21, 2009

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Welcome to the Islamic Information Center podcast series, this is the February 19, 2009 edition of Islam in 60 seconds. Islam in 60 Seconds is IIC’s weekly series on stories around the world that are of interest to Muslims. The stories are presented in a quickly summarized format so you can get all the news you need, as quickly as possible. This episode marks the second podcast episode of Islam in 60 seconds, which is typically available on our website,, or via our weekly email. God willing, we will continue with this podcast series each week, and have some great political interviews for you as well.

This episode also contains two very important information alerts regarding recent local and international events.

Here's a listing of the other stories we'll be covering this week:
Shi'a Muslims March in Dearborn, Michigan
Kosovo Prepares to Mark 1st Anniversary of Independence
Israel Expands Settlements
Suicide Bomber Attacks Iraqi Pilgrims
U.S. and Afghanistan Pledge to Reduce Civilian Deaths
India Urges Pakistan to Increase Anti-Terror Efforts
Peace Treaty Signed by Darfur Rebel Group
Insurgents in Mali Lay Down Arms

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