"Monday's with Maureen"

Single Mom, 2 Kids, Wall Street

March 16, 2009

Please join me Monday March 16, 2009 at 9:00 AM (PST) where my guest will be John Bougearel author of "Riding the Storm Out" one of the first books on the credit, subprime and foreclosure crisis. Mr. Bougeral is a certified CTA and he runs Structural Logic, an independent research company. The research predominantly focuses on U.S. Equity and Global Interest Rate markets for professional traders, hedge and mutual funds, as well as investment banks. We will discuss his book, where the market is headed, Citi Bank, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs and the "banksters" that ruined these institutions. Also, Mayor Bob Taylor of Brentwood will join us to discuss the the mortgage meltdown, and how Brentwood has fared in a county that has seen some of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation. Happy Birthday Old Grandma, we chat with my grandma, who is 85 today. How many of you have a grandma that uses a cell phome, e-mail, google and uses youtube like a 17 year old? My grandma will share some fun stories. Please join me for an hour of interesting and thought provoking conversation you never know who might be listening. Maureen

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