Faux Radio Show

Faux Radio Show

The Faux Radio Show is a refreshingly intellectual alternative to the fire-and-brimstone talk radio dominated by neoconservatives. A bold new form of provocative, 21st century journalism, the Faux Radio Show challenges the issues and picks some of the greatest contemporary minds neglected by the mainstream media. The show is operated simply with a computer and a phone, and each program invites listeners to directly call in their own questions to the host and guests. Host Carl Gibson has interviewed a bevy of guests including Venus Project Creator Jacque Fresco, TV personality Celia Ammerman and New York Times Bestselling Author John Perkins. Each show is recorded and automatically archived after each broadcast, so its impossible to miss an episode! Join the show's official group, and tell your friends about the show if you dig it!

Oct. 26, 2009


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