Recovery Support

031 Agnosticism

June 25, 2010

Weekly podcast intended to support you in your recovery from sexual compulsivity, NOT intended to take the place of your 12-step program or your individual therapy. Agnosticism First, I want to apologize for the technical problems in this episode.  I had to replace some worn-out equipment, and I could not get the recording quality to equal past episodes.  That's partly why the long delay since the last release.  I decided to go ahead and release this one despite its poorer quality. How do you deal with the spiritual nature of the 12-steps?  More to the point, does it feel comfortable for you to involve God in your recovery?  I've shared in this episode a chapter from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous entitle, WE AGNOSTICS.  Whether you struggle with the existence of God or already have strong reasons to involve Him in your life, let this chapter speak to you as you "trudge the happy road." RECOVERY SUPPORT is not endorsed or pre-approved by any 12-step fellowship Theme music: “My Best Routines” by Arthur Yoria on the “Of the Lovely” album available at neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.