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The New Gig with LONERO of San Jose CA!! Wo' Boy!

Oct. 30, 2010

IT'S ON NOW MAN!! Look out "Record Industry"...An extraordinary band that you missed has a little bit of a bone to pick, and so does COOK!

Join us tonight on The NEW GIG at 10p/7p EST as I interview the band LONERO!! These guys do not hold back on their opinions and it's about damn time that BANDS AND MUSICIANS SPOKE UP!! WE WANT WE WANT NOT WHAT WE'RE FED!!!!!!

If you think you're the the best band EVER, trust me, there's always somebody a little bit better than you, so take a lesson from that and try harder! Lonero proves this in their music TEN FOLD! These guys jumped on the opportunity for an interview, because they know YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD TO MAKE it in this BIZ. Nothing's free baby!!

These guys are just damn fun, entertaining, HONEST, and just DAMN COOL! I'm glad I know them!!

Rock the hell on and listen in!!

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