We Should Talk

We Should Talk

After “being” in transformational pain for longer than we both care to mention, we thought it was time to just talk about it. We like to describe the crap-storm like having a 10 ton pacaderm sitting butt down on our self esteems, laughing at us while we tried to wiggle and negotiate our way out from under it. Both of us are “middle-aged” educated, open-minded people having logged hundreds of hours in self-help seminars, therapy, books, schools, and spiritual teachers. We have goals, and aspirations….. but we have been mired down by years and years of our own expectations, our programmed “should’s and should not’s.” And so we begin. What you are about to be privy to, is a number of “conversations” about what we’ve learned, how we feel, what we want from life, and a myriad of other subjects. We will attempt to give you some kind of outline (Title) about what we have recorded, but as with any casual conversation…. we may jump around a bit. Both of us have learned (the hard way) that doing nothing about things only makes the elephant heavier, so we decided to let you in on a few of our discoveries (if you care to listen) but deep inside, we knew…it was just time to sit down, talk….and LISTEN!

Jan. 18, 2010


Jan. 17, 2010


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