DJ Kuki
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DJ Kuki

DJ Kuki started his career hauling crates of vinyl from club to club. Years later, the Chicago-bred dj has become an industry veteran, with hundreds of events in dozens of cities on his resume. DJ Kuki’s skills don’t just stop at his arsenal of blends, cuts, and scratches – he refuses to be categorized as just a turntablist or just a fistpump dj. He continually enthralls dance floors with sets that combine everything from the The Who to Biggie Smalls to Kygo, all in a 10 minute span. In addition to holding residencies in San Francisco, DJ Kuki can be found spinning records in some of the world’s most exclusive venues, or digitally on his app that boasts thousands of regular listeners, featuring hundreds of mixes recorded live on two turntables. Follow @djkuki &

March 25, 2020



June 10, 2019

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