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Top 5 Spiritual Movies: Tigers Are Not Afraid//Cracked Up//One Cut of the Dead Mission: Remote

June 26, 2020

Wide range to choose from this week and interpretations may differ, but the lists consist of movies that involve spirituality in one form or another. Tigers Are Not Afraid, For a Good Time, Call… The Client and a short film sequel to One Cut of the Dead all get flickfessed.   As mentioned in the show, Anderson has set some benchmarks for his youtube channel. Subscribe Here 500 Subscribers = Rules of Reduction 750 Subscribers = Everybody Dies 1,000 Subscribers = The Cult of Carano  Become a Patreon Member Here for way more Film Vault. Have a Chat with Andy Here     Listener Art: David Mendoza Featured Artists: Alumni & The Lamonts   GROUPERS TRAILER  Please Give Groupers a Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score Here Please Rate It on IMDB Here  The Blu-ray, US The Blu-ray, International   Groupers is now available on these platforms.  On Amazon On Google Play  On iTunes On Youtube On Tubi On Vudu  FILM VAULT MERCH    GROUPERS MERCH    FLICKFESSIONS: Tigers Are Not Afraid For a Good Time, Call… Cracked Up  The Client One Cut of the Dead Mission: Remote     The Gambling Flick:  Irresistible  Anderson: 59%  Bryan: 79% Current Score: 43% neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.