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Papa CE'(pronounced say) is a highly acclaimed Hoodoo practitioner and 4th generation seer with over 50 years experience in this spiritual path...Boasting a worldwide clientele from various age, education, economic and ethnic groups; Papa CE' shares a vast wealth of knowledge with those who have both the desire to learn and will to do what it takes to control the many problems in life...Celebrites and regular persons alike use the same things offered in these broadcasts and now experience true happiness and peace of mind that comes when your problems are finally solved...Papa CE' uses the secret knowledge taught to him by his parents and ancestors along with practical knowledge from the Igbo in West Africa, the Seminole in the swamps of Florida and the old Hoodoo root workers of Louisiana along with his formal education in theology, anthropology and parapsychology brings a holistic dimension that touches you.....spirit, mind and body. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.