Aly and Andrea

Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, Jennifer Campoli

June 8, 2011

Our next guest is the newest rock star Health Coach, Jennifer Campoli! Jennifer is a holistic health and nutrition coach, a spinning instructor, blogger and absolute foodie. After nearly 6 years in healthcare, Jenn abandoned her full time career with one inkling thought in her mind: I simply can’t ignore my passion. It is time for me to shine!   It was then in 2008 that Jenn likes to say she woke up. After living in a world of chronic dieting, disordered eating and depleted confidence, Jenn was ready to step fully into who she was. Discovering a book titled Intuitive Eating led Jenn to embracing her health, her body and her mind and making them a top priority. Fast forward nearly three years and Jenn has built a successful health coaching practice and website, a healthy living blog, has lost nearly 60 pounds (and kept them off!), and is pursuing her dream as a holistic health and nutrition coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.   To stay connected to Jenn, visit her here:
FaceBook - jenncampoli
Twitter - findintuition
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