Without Walls International Church - Tampa, Florida (Audio)

Three Levels of Annointing - 11AM Sunday, March 20, 2011

April 3, 2011

Pastor Paula White preaches a message about the annointings of King David from the following scriptures: Acts 13:22, 1Samuel 16:13, 2Samuel 2:4, 2Samuel 5:3. God is removing your dependency on flesh and the natural man. David is a pattern of the Kingdom of God which is being raised up and awakening in the Sons and Daughters of God. This pattern is a process of transformation. It is a progressive work in 3 levels/deminsions/annointings. All 3 are demonstrated in the 3 annointings of King David. First is the 'Good'. Second is the 'Acceptable'. Third is the 'Perfect'. Pastor Paula White preached this sermon on annointing at Without Walls International Church in Tampa on Sunday morning, March 20, 2011. Visit us at http://www.withoutwalls.org

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