The Purple Hair

May 25, 2011

Talk a little bit about my days, Game of Thrones, and how I almost blew my house up once.


Started the Wendy Knits Mystery Shawl from
Using 50/50 Merino/Silk blend from Knit Fit Knitting in the Cliff Diving colorway, another skein from the Twilight Sock Club, in a grayish/purplish color.
Needles are US6 interchangeables from Knitpicks with a 32inch cable.

On my last repeat of my Citron by Hilary Smith Callis

Just swatched for the Leaf Border Hooded Jacket by Kristen Rengren.
Using Berroco Sox sock yarn 75/25 Merino SW/Nylon blend in self striping oranges/pinks/reds.
Needles are Knitpicks Harmonys in US3

Scylla Socks and Mondo Cable Cardi in haitus.

No actual spinning but bought some awesome fiber and silk.

Talked about the Silk Spinning Tutorial. 

Give and awesome exfoliating tip for silk spinning.

No sewing yet again....

Can't remember what I finished off with LOL...

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