The Electrik Church Of God - Plug In

The Electrik Church Of God - Plug In

Minister Derrick E. Grayson: We are a ministry dedicated to following: 1. Teaching The True Word of God AND Self Study Habits. 2. Preparing The Saints for Christ's Return. 3. Making The Lives of Those We come in contact with Better. 4. Striving to Be Better Human Beings each and every day of Breath. 5. Living like Christ so that others my be introduced to Him and thus give their lives to Him also, if they desire it. 6. We have No Pulpit or Grand Titles for God is No Respector of Persons. 7. We Pass No Collection Plate for Giving is of the Heart and Not Compulsion. 8. We are NOT bound by the Laws of The Old Testament, but by The Love of The New Testament. 9. We Desire to Minister to ALL, especially The Poor, The Sick, The UnBetrothed and Widow, The Orphan, The Prisoner, and The Lost. 10. We are a Church You can TRUST!

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