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Samir Kassir: Killing of a Journalist | Al Jazeera World

Nov. 18, 2020

Samir Kassir, a Lebanese journalist, academic and political activist, paid the ultimate price for his work when he was killed by a car bomb outside his Beirut home in 2005. While accusations, speculation and denials followed his death, it was clear that Kassir's critical voice had drawn the ire of big power players in Lebanon. This documentary tells the story of the infamous murder while also exposing some of the politics that define Lebanon, both then and now. Lebanon saw a particularly bloody year in 2005. On February 14, former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, an opponent of Syria’s 30-year presence in Lebanon, was assassinated in a car bomb in Beirut. His death triggered huge public protest, which led to Syria withdrawing all its troops in April 2005. Among the many who were outraged at the assassination was Kassir. Just months later, after a regular phone call with a French reporter, Kassir got into his car to go about his work. Seconds after he started the engine of his silver Alfa Romeo, explosives detonated. He was killed instantly. Nobody has ever been charged or convicted for Kassir’s murder. Rumours and speculation are plentiful but hard facts are in short supply.

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