Tales to Terrify

Tales to Terrify 601 STOKERS Anna Taborska, JAW McCarthy, Aaron Dries & Mercedes M. Yardley

Aug. 4, 2023

Welcome to episode 601. We have a behemoth of an episode for you – the final tales of this year’s Bram Stoker Awards. A lonely man discovers friendship in the most unlikely place. Armed with an unusual heirloom, a woman fights a plague of angels. A girl visits grandma in the nursing home of the future for a special performance. And finally, a woman finds love and heartbreak when she falls for a man of glass.


Good Evening: Contest, Stoker Awards: 00:01:06

Anna Taborska’s A Song for Barnaby Jones as read by Graeme Dunlop: 00:03:38

J.A.W. McCarthy’s The Only Thing Different Will Be the Body as read by Danielle Hewitt: 00:19:17

Aaron Dries’ Nona Doesn’t Dance as read by Krystal Hammond: 00:53:24

Mercedes M. Yardley’s Fracture as read by Nicole Swanson: 01:22:51


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