Jesus In the Morning

Author T S Newsome

March 26, 2018

T. S. Newsome is a single parent to six beautiful children. She was born and raised in the Chicago land area and still resides there today. In her free time she enjoys writing, baking, listening to music and being active in her church. Her tumultuous past has spurred her desire to write in hopes it will give others the courage and strength to get free from their own destructive relationships and find hope and freedom in the love of God.  Inside is a startling account sprinkled with blemishes of bitterness, abuse, betrayal, resentment and anger, but the will to live laid dormant and hidden deep within T.S. Newsome during her seven year traumatic experience while being held captive by a man she met on the internet. Only few knew what she was going through. Now she writes to share with many. Learn how the will to live reveals true strength, power, and resolve after being “Tried in the Fire.” neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.