Jesus In the Morning

Prophet Steven Thompson of Kingston Jamaica Preaching The Gospel Of Jesus

May 7, 2019

Prophet Steven Thompson has been a born again Christian since the tender age of 12. He has a great burden and passion for the people of Godand holds firmly to the conviction that God wants to release his glory in his generation. He is the founder of Men of Purpose an organization established for mentoring of men and ushering them into their purpose and destiny. He is married to a beautiful wife Georgia, together they have one son and make Kingston Jamaica their Home. Prpphey Stevens Thompason of  Kingston Jamaic preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ. In today's world the Gospel of Jesus is so important to the believer and the non believer. To the believer because we know his word is true and it leads and guides our everyday life. To the non believer because if they one day belive it does the same for them. Wether a person believes or not does not make it to be untrue, it is that person simply don't believe. Why can't a God with all power do what ever however he chose to things. Human Beings are limited in power and have one way of thinking, so they think God does and think as limited as they are. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.