High Horse Radio

Love And Sex With Robots

Sept. 10, 2014

This is the 50th episode continued..... Is Blade runner coming? Will people fall in love with Robots by 2050 like a leading expert is saying? Phoenix reads out an auto biography of a mystery person driving Andy Establishment crazy. Guess the mystery person and you win a prize - send your answer to @highhorseradio.  Thomas Midgely - the organism of destruction. Did Hitler mean well? The Gravity movie plot flaws,  Christopher Walken's lookalikes, French impotence courts,  Jim Jefferies Review, Baby foreskins being turned into Anti Ageing Cream,  Where does Plane waste go and much much much much more..............

This show is a continuation of the conversation that took place in Episode*50 of our great liberated syndication. It features a full panel for a messy night of cutting edge content. High Horse Radio can be found @ iTunes + libsyn.com to download and subscribe

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