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Terror Australis, Islam Apocalypse

Dec. 22, 2014

J Dot, Fred Nation, Phoenix Ppardoshe and LinQ do the first friday night podcast in a long time, which means it's loudest drunkest rudest podcast for some time. But hidden in the chaos are countless pearls of wisdom as the boys blow each others minds with epiphionic philosphy and mind bending sophistry.

Terror in Sydney, The Islam Issue, Meat Mayhem, North Korea v Sony v Hackers v Seth Rogan and James Franco, Animal Education, USA torture, Dick Cheney, What is Waterboarding, Mexican Cartels, Pablo Escabar and Hippos, A New Cuba, AD BC and CE, High Horse predictions of the Future, Bright Future of Cannibis,  The History of Empires, Arabs created numbers, Religion Racism and so much more..........

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