High Horse Radio

N*gga Rich And Clowns

Feb. 4, 2015

Fred Nations, Andy Establishment and J Dot sit down at midnight after a Bill Burr Concert to discuss 75 percent in favour of Medical Marijuana in Aus, Adelaide boring city, Suge Knight a murderer and Snoop Dogg too? Clowns scary? Arcade meaning, Stephen King's It, Woodland Giants, KKK and Crips, Kristen Stewart, Hunger Games, Pollution damaging Polar Bears Dicks, GMOs, Eugenics and Bill Gates and Monsanto, Nixon and Drugs, Disney land and Disney World, tinder in Antartica, Midgets and Dwarfs....would you? Establishment hates actors and their award shows, Drones 3D printing, Freds Utopia vs Andy's Distopia vision and much much much more more more!!!!!


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