High Horse Radio

The Decade That Was The 1980s.

June 2, 2015

The 80th episode is a raw 1 on 1 conversation between Fred Nation and J Dot. It's personal and a little bit inside at times, but a nice touch for this particular milestone.


Don't get it twisted, a lot of cool universally appealing stuff is talked about, but a more relaxed and blazed approach is definitely noticable. Lot's of laughs and plenty of fun facts as well as some psychological insights in this episode.

I usually go through the episode and get subjects that were talked about, but i'm having one of those weeks where the world keeps coming at me and i'm feeling a little lazy, i mean i wanted to publish this on the 31st of May so it would make it 4 in a month but i just didn't. Sometimes when you work all day you just need to chillax and i know it's not that hard to publish an episode but i couldn't even be bothered doing that. So screw you listeners! Just Kidding. I think you'll enjoy episode 80! The 15 minutes I've listened to whilst typing this has been great!


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