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Black Lives Matter

July 30, 2016

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Fred Nations, Andy Establishment, LinQ and Phoenix Ppardoshe feature in this our latest episode of the liberated syndication that you know as High Horse Radio. The panel then discuss all the issues around the world that took place in the crazy month of July in the crazy year of 2016. Everything that includes but ain't limited to = Trump vs Hilary, U.S politics explained, Adam Carolla, #FreeMilo vs Twitter, Dr Dre handcuffed still paying for legendary "Fuck The Police" song all these years later. Black lives matter, How Rodney King (if his infamous incident happened in todays world) would of been shot and killed instead of beaten. Guantanamo Bay in Australia? no no just northern territory detention centres and how Establishment and LinQ have very different opinions. All female ghostbusters apparently woful says majority of the world and Milo Yiannopoulos (check out his review it's well worth it). European culture is at a pivotal point in history and must be preserved in the midst of all these terror attacks. Sonja Kruger and her refugee comments (which are shared by the panelists and majority of Australia) examined. The history of Germany, UK, Australia as it relates to #Brexit. Racist policies and how everyones ok with it. Refugees and how Sweden did not work at all!!!. Robot bombs, gypsies and so freaking much more.


LinQ has not been heard from since our Movies 2016 episode back in may. The young sustainable development advocate doesn't waist any time getting back in the swing of things, taking the show down to "disturbingly white town", divulging such information that he sympathises with white supremacists, and how he's up for giving Trump a go (Andy Establishment says he'd consider voting for the Donald if he lived in the United States also). LinQ says he hates Pauline Hanson tho so he ain't all bad.


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