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What In The World

Aug. 23, 2016

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This show features the non meat eating duo of Andy Establishment and Fred Nations whom sit down with our courteous carnivore JDot to discuss all that's happening in the world in the year that is 2016. We begin with our cutting edge segment - "What In The World", which delves into Dubai spending $300 million on world's 1st hotel with indoor rain forest, waterfalls, artificial beach, and more. UN data shows a full one-third of all global homicides occur in Latin America, even though the region has just 8% of the world's population. Alaska is geographically big enough to fit 19 U.S states within it's borders. McDonald's opened the 1st ski-thru fast food restaurant in Lindvallen, Sweden, you just ski up to the counter, order your food and ski off. A USA college student was sentenced to 15 years of prison and hard labor for allegedly stealing a poster in North Korea. In 1985, there was a condom delivery service at Harvard University - Their slogan was "We'll come before you do". Man was caught flattening tire of ambulance which had blocked his driveway in Hangzhou, police intervened. Heart shaped lights appear on Beijing water cube to bless diving couple whose proposal was witnessed at Rio 2016. Shocking motor tricycle is seen towing 5 tractors spotted running on highway in China with black smoke bellowing out. DPRK (Democratic Peoples Republic Of Korea) opens first beer festival, initiated by Kim Jong Un and his trigger happy missile launching self, and is planned to be held annually.

*133 also includes - Ryan Lochte could receive 7 years for lying to an offical in Rio. Rape culture gets broken down as the panel talks about the Amy Schumer and Kurt Metzger disagreement. Don't fuck with Russia or Russians, diplomat kills car jacker in Rio. Death penalty dissected, you should never smuggle drugs anywhere!, especially into countries that have the death penalty for doing said smuggling. Dot points and the fact that 50 million are drunk right at this very moment. also Andy makes one of his questionable one liners, "Get a black dick with aids in your ass", sorry but that's fucking hilarious!. Little man syndrome is a real thing. Dot looses his shit leaving the gym and teaches these fuck head duo of nothing-wads (a nothing wad is like a wad of cash but with nothing in it) a lesson for acting like wanker fucks!. Mohammad Gaddafi was knife fucked in the streets on his last day on this earth, and nobody cares. On that note listeners of High Horse Radio, thanks for downloading and we will see you on episode *134.....

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