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Misogynistic Mayhem

Oct. 18, 2016

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 J Dot is our host for the evening, our resident addict is exactly that, so high that if he wasn't weighed down by those extra kilos he'd probably be floating on the roof. Fred Nations, Andy Establishment, Darnell and Phoenix Ppardoshe are your intoxicated know nothing know it all's for this 138th edition of High Horse Radio...

Judge us not on any particular show, cause as you know, non sobriety can bring fourth it's own challenges due to the tumultuous turbulence, and careless chaos of our insightful and delightful panelists, due to their drunken debaucherous behaviour prior to recording this podcast. There are times where our liberated syndication is sharp and on point, we are fearless and adventurous journeymen seeking enlightenment through the vast array of knowledge contained within the giant data banks of our modern civilisation and the world wide web. A fun and organic 1st few minutes starts us of as this over intoxicated bunch of 30 something's stumble their way through what turns out to be a fairly impactful episode packed with jokes, wisdom, buffoonery, information and revelation. Segments include = "Sexism", "I'm feeling curious". What comes to mind when you hear the word sexism?, Is sexism worse today than that of yesteryear?, dissection of this takes place. Man vs Women as it relates to "fighting" in sport. Over our lifetime (gen x) sport got feminised, or possibly humanised. Sexist questions that women hear on a regular basis, and men do not, a synopsis of this issue takes place. Also we converse about how parents discipline their kids a lot less these days then when the panel were children. Rugby league gets bought up and Darnell says that grown men running around with a little leather ball is kind of ridiculous. White males talking to white males, as trump did, with the difference being that he was recorded unknowingly. Unfortunately I as a white man can attest that this is how men talk to each other (not all obviously), doesn't make it right tho.

"I'm feeling curious" = Is spam a real meat?, How long do astronauts stay in quarantine after space flight?, The Cosmos and Neil deGrasse Tyson, a classic tweet from this insanely intelligent astrophysicist gets read out in all it's brilliance. The spectrum of light!, Gravitational waves discovered. Super nova's dissected, how exactly will we evolve?, dimensions unknown...interesting indeed. The big bang in calendar time - Jan 1st to where we are now as humans, humanity, we have basically been here for 2 seconds, if the world and it's history were condensed down to one year. All this and so much more in this our latest episode of the show that moves and goes where it grooves and flows.

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