High Horse Radio

iPhones Vs Diamonds

Oct. 26, 2016


Fred Nations hosts this evening's show and waists no time sounding of on his distain for the mafia, calling them "parasites" on society with their glorification being an absolute joke. This was clearly designed to be a jab at the Dot, however our resident loveable addict fails to take the bait and actually agrees with this analogy. J Dot and Andy Establishment are our panelists, and feature in this our 140th episode of the show that you know as High Horse Radio. Know nothing know it all's discussing life's big issue's with disturbing results...

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend", well what does that say about you, you money grubbing whore?! - Andy Establishment!. What do you think is more "moral?", an iPhone or a diamond?. The panel answers this controversial question, and comes to the conclusion that we are indeed part of the problem, driven by technology, get on board or get left behind. A pro athletes dilemma, misses his first ever grand final to witness the birth of his first child, what would you do in said dilemma? did he make the right choice?. Every now and then you get a dog that just isn't quite right, Fred Nation has a few theories on our loveable furry friends. The Jews don't run hollywood!, they control a whole lot of s#*t!. A lot of globalists and powerful people are Jewish, don't mess with this resilient race is what we are saying. What do you think might happen to the white race eventually as it relates to karma?, when do whites pay the price?, I mean we are not just going to fall from one to two (in the words of Louie CK). Social justice warrior's asking the most ridiculous of questions - "are we going to rape Mars when we get there as we have raped earth?", contrived annoyance at it's most transparent. An innocent little keyring gets given to a father as a present from his daughter, this keyring turns out to be the catalyst of a nightmare expedition involving trains, cabs, incompetent staff and lost and found. All the above is only in the first 45mins, which means that hidden gems are waiting to be retrieved for your audio stimulation.

We also talk how majority of people don't die in their sleep, complete opposite of that actually. Kevin Smith (Jay & silent Bob) tells an inspirational story that is a definitive example on how to turn something terrible into something great. Andy says to the average person, "Isis ain't gonna do s#*t to you buddy, you are going to die from heart disease!, look on your plate, that's the most dangerous thing in your life!". What do you do when nobody is looking?, a no country for old men type scenario, would you take the money?, morals discussed and analysed. Also - don't appear to be needing favours, sporting stories, hindsight moments, high school history, sun screen a must, all that and so much more covered in this episode of HHR.


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