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Japanese Adventures

Nov. 24, 2016

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 Fred Nation literally walks in the door from his 21 day journey to Japan, drops his bags, hands out a few presents, then joins Anti Establishment and JDot in the studio for a recap of his adventures to the "empire of the sun", a fresh and honest perspective if you will, Japan detailed for you our fiercely fantastic listener. The only criticism comes at the beginning of our show, and it's just down right terrible!.........THEY WORK TOO MUCH!!!. Australians stand out as slobs compared to this refined, elegant, cultured, high end society that has been impressive for centuries. Our resident bass guitarist heads to a sumo tournament for the day accompanied by his trusty friends "Asahi" and "saki". Japanese children approached Darnell and Fred asking them to please teach them a little english, this was truly an experience of warming the heart like never felt before #Amazing. They then participated in what was a disappointment for them, they visited an owl forest for the first time ever only to be let down by the fact that they were chained to trees. They then went to an ancient castle (built in the 1500's) and learnt about the Samurai, and the difference between a Samurai and a Ninja. Marijuana is difficult to get in Japan due to a hard working society frowning upon it for the most part, Cocaine on the other hand, no problem. Phoenix ppardoshe arrives at some point during the show and does a walk on, the panel then pause the podcast (unbeknownst to you the listener) to take a break, have a toke and tackle each other, not really but kind of. They then come back with a few more beers in their belly and dissect the rest of the fascinating nation that is Japan.

 We also talk karaoke experiences in Roppongi, tips for sex in a Ryokan, Japanese baths, beautiful cherry blossoms, Geisha's, Cosplay, sexy Kogal's (high school girls), miso soup that warms your heart and saki that hugs your spirit. All this and so much more in this our most recent episode of High Horse Radio, bought to you by the "Know nothing know it all's" from the show that moves and goes where it grooves and flows...

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