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Jan. 26, 2017

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Our sometimes loveable addict JDot, the turbo in our jet engine, metaphorically speaking that is, well he's coming at you solo for only the second time since our cutting edge podcasts conception. The show begins with some Steve Jobs inspiration in the form of a quote, it's really more like a question tho. "If today was your last, would you do what you are about to do?". Don't mean to start of on a negative somber sort of a note, but hey, just think about that for a second. A mini review of the year that was 2016, famous and noteable people that passed away. A few quotes from our new president Donald J Trump, when you hear them they probably won't surprise you at all, but just think, this is the new and current leader of the free world. 

The history of gunpowder gets broken down in all it's fascinating entirety, it's roots lie in alchemy, thus bringing forth the foundation of modern arsenal as we know it. What images conger up when you think of dental hygiene in the middle ages?, black teeth, a halitosis base camp I bet?. Well the truth couldn't actually be more further removed. Come listen to the show that moves and goes where it grooves and flows to find out all of the above. We also cover the 25 most common sayings and where they came from, originated. The show closes out with Anti Establishment doing a walk on after waking up from an all night bender of sorts. ENJOY!!!

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