High Horse Radio

Love and Lifestyle

Feb. 28, 2017

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This show features the "BIG THREE" panel combination of Fred Nations, Andy Establishment and JDot!!. Our know nothing know it alls then bloviate about love and life and all the rest in between, informing and educating whilst having a chuckle and not taking things to seriously at all. Fred starts of with a couple of harmless cans of UDL (vodka), and as the show progresses to the next obstacle, well so does our young hosts pouring of out of control classes of scotch, accompanied by very little if any soda. Andy and the Dot warned our resident musician to ease of on this low key Thursday evening, however it falls on def ears as the excitement of the night takes centre stage. Come listen and find out where the show moves and goes on this our 156th episode of High Horse Radio...

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