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March 29, 2017

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It's ironic that this episode is called "white privilege" being as this show that you know as High Horse Radio is an example of exactly that.....pre middlescent white men talking about all the things in the world that bother them...boo hoo...

This show features the volatile fruit and vegetable enthusiast that is Andy Establishment, alongside the semi retired epic story teller that is Phoenix Ppardoshe, don't forget our resident mafia and comedy historian, the loveable addict JDot, and of course last and certainly least (just kidding Fred) it's our paid musician and your host for the evening, it's Fred Nations!!, the "BIG FOUR" ladies and gentleman...

"10 ways to actively reject your white privilege" is the headlineing topic that starts this incredibly entertaining free flowing conversation here on episode *160 of HHR. Andy Establishment wastes no time on this one explaining that he has no "white guilt", it has all been swept away, all that he has left is white pride. To which the three remaining members of the panel, all gasp in unison, not an easy task to accomplish. Would there be repercussions if you were a middle age white man wearing a shirt that says "white privilege"?. I think so?.

Micro aggresions were unbeknownst to the majority of the panel (the actual definition that is), so what do they do? get to the bottom of it of course, in the informative and entertaining way that only High Horse Radio can provide. Siting next to fat people on airplanes, huge mother fuckers I'm saying, so yeah, we discuss that. Nike brings out there very first "hijab", a righteous act if ever there was one...not!!. Watching sex scenes in the company of your parents...awkward!. Billy Moore (a former rugby league player) can't escape "QUEENSLANDER!!!", a phrase uttered many decades ago which still follows him today. Andy says he's become the modern day Groot. 

The debut of a new segment called "Phoenix Tales" - The first tale being one of losing your pants in front of an audience at a supermarket. The next being that of dabbling in the world of banging a fat chick, only to be to embarrassed to show his mates due to the relentless barrage of "shit" that he would of copped from his buddies (old friends not us) at that time. The final tale for this debut is that of a traffic incident that involves Phoenix, a motorbike, and a piece of shit driver that deserved every bit of ridicule that ensued. A preview of said ridicule is Phoenix putting his arms around the piece of shit drivers wife's shoulder and saying "don't worry love it's ok, it's just your husband couldn't drive a greasy stick up a dogs ass".

Dot points makes it's first appearance in quite some time - Did you know that the orca Keiko, from the movie "free willy" was actually set free back into the wild some years later, only to come back into shore often in the hopes of seeking human contact. Research has found that the human brain sees women as parts, while men are seen as a whole. The blue whale ejaculates over 40 gallons of sperm when mating, and only 10% enters the female...and you always wondered why the sea tastes extra salty sometimes. also Zombie outbreaks, a star wars encyclopedia called wookiepedia, that and so so much more people.

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