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Nazi, Trump & Bernie, Australian Homocide

June 26, 2017


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Just a precursor that we go a little 'dark to start', with an array of topics such as - what countries lose their virginity at the earliest age, dendrophiliac or less often arborphilia, google it, it means people who are sexually attracted to trees. We then venture down to history town with talk of 'the cold war', CIA, Hitlers reasons for war and how he was a drugged up crackhead. Establishment says he was definitely dead within 5 years from the war ending. 

BERNIE vs TRUMP - would Bernie have been the better option? Fred says Bernie is a fraud - Dot says he was for gay marriage in the 90's - Fred says Bernie is a socialist - Establishment says how is he a socialist? prove it! - Dot says Comey will haunt the Donald - Fred says NAH!. So as you can see it's Fred vs Dot & Andy. Fred strongly agreeing with Trump on border control but not supporting him on other issues, Establishment calls him on it, but Fred Nations doesn't back down & stays strong in the corner of president Trump (delusional Trump zombie, just kidding Fred).

We talk about wealth and how it manifests itself in the modern day. Sicko's are wanting to book into the hotel room where legendary soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell killed himself. All and all it's a cute little super friends fun day extravaganza of sorts, what I mean by that is, the panel of HHR are heading to the entertainment centre to watch Chris Rock on his total black out tour, and basically this show is the drunken pre cursor to that. Enjoy!!!.

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