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How To Pick Up Women

July 3, 2017


Breaking Down Conventional Wisdom To See What Really Works..... 

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A plethora of debauchery themed tales for you in this one listeners!!. Get to know the panel of Andy Establishment, JDot and your host Fred Nations, "the big 3", listen as they talk about there early roots, literal roots ladies and gents, apologies for the crassness, however it's an intimate, fun show that we here at HHR know that you'll enjoy, guaranteed or 100% of your $ back!. The panel get into the nitty gritty of past sexual encounters, experiences in the realm of dating, some do's & don'ts when it comes to trying to 'attract' someone.

We dive straight into "How To Pick Up Women" which is the overall theme of this particular episode, some tips for you out there in the universe wanting to get women to f*#k you, things like - approach with confidence, not cocky or arrogant, like your life's gonna be ok either way, a bit of mystery, no cliche's. Keep it simple... "Hi, my name is.....",eye contact, women know within 4 seconds whether or not they wanna sleep with you. I mean listeners, we also talk - Mushrooms, Sport, "The COOL Kids", People who mature a lot earlier than most, essentially as above reads, just breaking down conventional wisdom to try & see what's really going on. Enjoy!!!.

Society, History, Psychology, Sex, Race and Culture are mealy starting points for our show that moves and goes where it grooves and flows. Download @ highhorseroundtable.libsyn.com + iTunes for FREE!!! @highhorseradio @frednations, @jdotgater, @andyestablish

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