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Cultural Appropriation - What Is It? Is It Bad?

July 10, 2017


"Know Nothing Know It Alls Discussing Life's Big Issues With The Occasional Disturbing Results"...

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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages (defiently not all ages) it's the long awaited one on one!!, of Andy Establishment & Fred Nations!!. Two powerhouse non meat eating intellectual types, coming at you with intelligence & insight, combined with a little pig headed white man syndrome. Just kidding!, the long awaited 1st for our liberated syndication.

Fred Nation explains why our loveable addict JDot is absent from this particular episode. Fred tells of the Dot having surgery to remove a 'meatitis' (google it), which is completely false and only said for comedy reasons. Fret not as the Dot is A-ok, he's just been busy with work/life etc. Basically Fred is a human ''meatitis', a growth on the end of your c#*k!, metaphorically speaking. Jokes listeners. 

In this landmark broadcast of our cutting edge podcast the topic of "Cultural Appropriation" gets dissected for you our great ahead of the curb listeners. And it's really fascinating to say the least, not only that but we talk of that tired "fake" muslim, Yassim Abdel Magied, just google her before bed it will help you sleep. She's the poster girl for modern day feminists everywhere, grew up privileged in a western country and wants to be a social justice warrior even tho she's out of touch and ignorant as to the complete scope of the issues, a one sided agenda is what I mean. We don't just talk about her tiresome ass, we talk the Church and Sex, FDA, all the above and more in this historic episode.

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