High Horse Radio

Our Exciting Future as a Human Race

Aug. 14, 2017


"We are the podcast that flows through the big questions in life, society, religion, politics - we then summarise these supposedly complex subjects into beautiful poetic new understandings for all humanity to sleep better at night".....

A fun show that contains but is no way limited to - Headphones that read your brain waves and then selects music based on your current state of mind, Driverless cars? when will they arrive? what certain countries are doing as we move into the future. How will we as humans fit into this new technological age? what will the job market look like? the average humans day to day?. Single white female stories as it relates to the panelists past. Sexual fetish's out there in our 'innocent' little world, using your Penis as a password. A bit far?. No?. Glucose implants, Oreo's and Angry Dragons, Candles and farting, Craig Mclachlan. Songs, Sayings and how they evolved in this politically correct age (e.g.) The candy "Fags" evolved into "Fads". Ini, Mini, Miny, Moe catch a "      " by the toe. Future travel = Sydney - NYC in 3hrs, LA - NYC = 30mins. All the above is only what I can remember ladies and gents, so i'm sure there is some more hidden gems and countless pearls of wisdom along the way. Enjoy!!!.

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