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White Supremacy - What is it? Is it a thing?

Aug. 21, 2017


'No description or depiction does our show justice!! - it's liberated syndication at it's finest and sublimest, so come join us and laugh, hell nobody's perfect, you just might learn something and then it'll be worth it'..... 

Note: During the episode, Andy Establishment says that the Marriage Equality vote in Australia is a referendum and needs 75 percent to pass. It is actually a plebiscite and only needs 50 percent to pass. 

In this our latest instalment of one of the fastest growing podcasts in all of the lands, we discuss the incredibly volatile landscape of modern day racism with the recent unfortunate events that occurred in Charlottesville in the United States. We then talk "white supremacy", what is it? is it something that will always be around? why is it rearing it's ugly face in 2017? I mean, it ain't 1939!... JDot, Andy Establishment and our host Fred Nations feature in this particular episode (I haven't listened yet but I remember that Dot & Fred were quite tipsy as they had been drinking vodka and scotch for a few hours prior to this recording), so I guess what i'm saying is be prepared for some sloppy audio.....at times...but hopefully our professionalism will take over and all you cutie pies ah plenty won't even notice. Enjoy!!!.

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