High Horse Radio

Immigration, Racism, Free Speech

Sept. 18, 2017


'It's the show where the art of conversation can be as brilliant as the most crafted, thought out and beautiful piece of music that one can imagine'.....

The following episode includes but ain't limited to :

Duran Duran, Ariana Grande licking donuts, Pauline's burka stunt, Islam moves in and Jewish people move out!, Detroit riots, poor people, inequality, SJW's and virtue signaling, new books = Milo's 'Dangerous', Neil Degrasse Tyson = 'Astrophysics for people in a hurry', In Europe the elite want a subservient class to do there gardening and cleaning for cheap. The price they pay is immigration and all that it intakes, rape, murder, terrorism etc. Fred vs the Dot, Churchill and his legendary drunken gleam, Putin can't speak English, USB sticks with spyware, Fred would of f#*ked Hilary at one point in time - A power f#*k!!. Hitlers 'brown shirts' and there extravagant and obscene gay orgies, You can't say anything critical about women, CJ Werleman and his quote Tweets, Hot teachers, Fred's dad is a chess Yoda, however Fred's the son that he didn't teach. GOON 2, Canadians a special bunch e.g. Letter Kenny. A old friend from Dots past had a 'hall of fame' polaroid wall filled with all the women he had slept with. No more fighting in Ice Hockey due to CTE (concussions) trauma to the brain, study concludes that NHL players receive the same type of trauma as NFL players. ALI the movie featuring Will Smith was such a big disappointment to many people, a disappointment extravaganza if you will. Marlon Brando a controversial and ahead of his time individual - Apocalypse Now, Godfather, On The WaterFront. Fred and Phoenix got drunk at the legendary sunset strip and don't remember anything, finding LinQ in Tokyo, Fred lost for 8/10hrs in Japan, Dot loses his partner in Times Square, Establishment spends a summer in Toronto waking up in different places. Dot thinks that a young Vladimir Putin was hot, Darnell sends Fred a random text about Andy and bacon, Dot goes to a bar in Toronto with his mentor and his mentors childhood friend, an interesting night ensues, names you associate with whores and hotties, most Nikki's are attractive, RIP Frank Vincent of Sopranos, Goodfellas and Casino fame, The Dots hate due to pot withdrawals, Plains Trains and Automobiles an epic movie, Dots love of John Candy, Sheenis (sniffing cocaine out of a girls asshole), Fred, Dot, Phoenix and LinQ went to school with a Tiger handler. All the above and loads more in this our latest instalment of High Horse Radio.....

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