High Horse Radio

Important Music, Death, Celebrities, the 1990s, Nirvana, Grunge

Jan. 29, 2018

HIGH HORSE RADIO                                         EP. 201

A six person only happens once every hundred episodes panel is in full swing for this our latest instalment of the SOMEWHAT controversial syndication that you know as High Horse Radio... The panelists give you their take on Music, which bands moved them growing up. Each members formative years were spent in the decade that was the 1990's, arguably one of the greatest ever for Rock n Roll & Grunge, Music in general really. Rage against the machine, Alice in chains, Nirvana, Pennywise, Tool just to name some. Come listen as the passion flows, along with the alcoholic beverages and the panels ability to let other people finish speaking before coming in over the top with their little two cents worth. Now I haven't listened yet but from what I remember that's exactly how it went down. But hey! every 100 episodes we are allowed to fall into rookie mode and just enjoy the excitement in the room. Year round we bring the show where the art of conversation reins supreme. At times as brilliant as the most crafted, well thought out, beautiful piece of Music that one can imagine. So judge us not on any particular one show, cause at times non sobriety can bring forth it's own challenges. However in my opinion this show is raw and authentic on a level that some podcasts can only dream about. Original and crass thinkers converge with the rhythm and tension that only life long friends have. Enjoy!!!!!.....

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