Episode 257: Jay Caspian Kang

Aug. 16, 2017

Jay Caspian Kang is a writer at large at The New York Times Magazine and a correspondent for Vice News Tonight. “I make a pretty provocative argument about how Asian American identity doesn’t really exist—how it’s basically just an academic idea, and it’s not lived within the lives of anybody who’s Asian. Like you grow up, you’re Korean, you’re a minority. You don’t have any sort of kinship with, like, Indian kids. You know? And there’s no cultural sharedness where you’re just like, ‘oh yeah…Asia!’” Thanks to MailChimp, "Mussolini’s Arctic Airship", Blinkist and for sponsoring this week's episode. @jaycaspiankang Kang’s Blog Kang on Longform [00:00] Mussolini’s Arctic Airship (Eva Holland • Kindle Single • Aug 2017) [00:45] "What a Fraternity Hazing Death Revealed About the Painful Search for an Asian-American Identity" (New York Times Magazine • Aug 2017) [00:45] Kang on the Longform Podcast [01:15] Kang’s Archive at The New Yorker [02:30] readthissummer.com [02:45] Havrilesky on the Longform Podcast [05:45] "That Other School Shooting" (New York Times Magazine • Mar 2013) [07:30] The Dead Do Not Improve: A Novel (Hogarth • 2013) [15:15] Tim Ferriss on the Longform Podcast [17:45] "John Wayne: A Love Song" (Joan Didion • Saturday Evening Post • Aug 1965) [22:15] "A Question of Identity" (Grantland • Mar 2012) [24:45] Kang’s Column “On Sports” at The New York Times Magazine [27:30] Les Blank’s Website [27:45] Amy [27:45] Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck [35:15] "No place like home" (Vice News • Jun 2017) [36:15] "The End and Don King" (Grantland • Apr 2013) [36:45] "Inside the final days of the Standing Rock protest" (Vice • Feb 2017) [37:30] "What comes after Standing Rock?" (Vice • Jan 2017) [39:00] "‘Our Demand Is Simple: Stop Killing Us’" (New York Times Magazine • May 2015) [41:30] "Charlottesville: Race and Terror" (Vice News • Aug 2017) [42:45] "Impeached!" (David Gilbert • Vice News • Dec 2016) [48:00] "Now You See Me" (Vice News • Mar 2017)

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