Episode 274: Mara Shalhoup

Dec. 13, 2017

Mara Shalhoup was until recently editor-in-chief of LA Weekly. She is the author of BMF: The Rise and Fall of Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family. “I’m so fearful about what it will look like for cities without an outlet for [alt-weekly] stories. And for young writers, who need and deserve the hands-on editing these kind of editors can give them and help really launch careers … it’s a tragedy for journalism. It’s a tragedy for young people, people of color. It’s a tragedy for the subjects of stories that won’t get written now. That’s just the reality.” Thanks to Mail Chimp, Mubi, and Skillshare for sponsoring this week's episode. @mshalhoup Shalhoup on Longform [01:15] Creative Loafing [01:20] Chicago Reader [01:35] "Rich People Demolished L.A. Weekly To Build The Future They Want For Journalism" (Patrick Redford • Deadspin • Dec 2017) [06:55] "Brian Calle Wants to Turn LA Weekly into 'The Cultural Center' of the City " (Lauren Raab • LA Times • Nov 2017) [11:00] "LA Weekly Reveals Its Secret Owners: Mostly Men with Orange County Ties" (David Pierson, Lauren Raab • LA Times • Dec 2017) [12:25] @LAWeekly [13:10] "Armstrong Williams Wants to Buy Washington City Paper: Report" (Brett Samuels • The Hill • Dec 2017) [30:45] "A Touch of Gastronomic Magic Spices Up Voltaggio's ink.well" (Javier Cabral • LA Weekly • Dec 2017) [30:55] "James and Dave Franco Make a Great Film About the Worst Movie Ever: The Room" (April Wolfe • LA Weekly • Dec 2017) [36:15] "Hip-hop's Shadowy Empire" (Creative Loafing • Dec 2006) [36:15] BMF: The Rise and Fall of Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family (St. Martin's Griffin • Jan 2011)

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