French for Beginners

French for Beginners: Lesson 5 - Parlez-vous Restaurantien ?

Nov. 26, 2012

Topics covered:

  • Adjectives
  • Avoir and idiomatic expressions (part 2)
  • Qu’est-ce que c’est ?
  • C’est, ce n’est pas
  • Ce sont, ce ne sont pas


Bonjour les amis ! I’m glad to welcome you to Act V. Did you miss Jacques? We haven’t seen him in a few weeks. Today, we will catch up with him. Jacques has been busy with his restaurant project but it hasn’t prevented him from continuing his lessons with Valérie. He’s actually doing great! 


Valérie now gives the grammar lessons to her students to study before they meet. So during the class, they can focus more on speaking. We hope that you also find time to study the lessons every week on our website before enjoying the dialogues. Have you already looked at the flashcard and the lessons for today? Oui ? Let’s start then! Enjoy Act V. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.