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11/6/17 - 'More weeping, more mourning' (Greg Abbott, Jason Buttrill & Ken Paxton join Glenn)

Nov. 6, 2017

Hour 1  Good morning, America, there's been another church shooting ...A time to weep and a time to mourn ...Texas Gov. Greg Abbott joins the show...a tragedy in a small community...Flags at half details...lots of mourning and grieving...through all of this there is still hope...shooter was denied concealed carry...ex-wife and in-laws were church members? ...Witness at church shooting joins to the show to describe what she saw and how the community is coping ...President Trump visits Japan; non-stop criticism from media ensues   Hour 2 What's going on in Saudi Arabia?...doesn't look good ...Iran has gained a lot of power in the region ...Saudi prince arrested...This ends with more conflict for the Middle East... Armageddon? ...Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton shares what he knows about the church shooting in Sutherland, Texas...the solution is prevention and being prepared to act, not more gun laws...Gunman's goal was to kill armed Texas hero prevented the attacker from killing even more people ...Technology: The good and bad in crime fighting ...A competition of mass murder   Hour 3  Help support the First Baptist Church Community in Sutherland Springs, Texas now! David criticized for SNL holocaust jokes...Struggling and not funny... ‘If you don't like it turn it off’ ...Armed hero helps in wake of Texas church shooting ...Flashback to 911 audio with Marcus Luttrell ...CNN's Chris Cuomo's shocking comments? ...Sen. Rand Paul physically attacked by neighbor...just released from hospital with 5 broken ribs

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