The Glenn Beck Program

11/10/17 - Gross and Perplexing (Star Parker, Amit Deri & Jason Buttrill join Glenn)

Nov. 10, 2017

Hour 1  What's going with Rand Paul?...attacker pleads 'not guilty' ...A Charles Sumner moment? ...Another Hollywood super star is accused of sexual misconduct? are being destroyed...Both men and women need to learn how to treat each other...Creepy and possibly illegal ...US Senator Roy Moore in hot water over underage sex allegations...the media feasts...'Guilty until proven innocent', the new norm? ...Steve Bannon and his inconsistencies (conspiracies) ...No Spoiler Alert!: Glenn's least desired 'to see' movie of the week?    Hour 2  Pedophile or Persecutor? ...We are at the threshold of a new world ...2027 be nothing like 2017...Our world needs 'deeper' conversations ...Glenn tells the fascinating story of 1900's silent movie star, Roscoe 'Fatty' Hollywood and the press destroyed him after being wrongfully accused of rape and murder...Fearing the 'Lynch mobs' ...Expose, Empower, Educate with Amit Deri ( the show to encourage conservative groups of all kinds to speak out at all college universities   Hour 3  Gross and perplexing?...solo such thing as a polite society anymore ...Activist and best selling author Star Parker joins Glenn to discuss her recent testimony in front of congress, how abortion, like slavery is a crime against humanity...corporate welfare is a joke ...Help fight poverty today at ...Pat Gray reads Senator Roy Moore ...Peoples pasts are coming back to haunt them ...Meet Glenn's new pet armadillo?

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