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Episode 113 of Just OK Gamers Podcast

June 12, 2015

On this week’s episode of Just OK Gamers, we have special guest MagikarpUsedFly! I hope he doesn't take our jobs with his cutting wit. Or I do hope he takes our jobs? Yeah I hope he takes over the Podcast. Then Nasty won't have to do his 60 Sexperiment on patch 5.11, and we won't have to talk about the LCS anymore. Man that would be sweet. Magikarp could talk about his favourite Comic Book games and how much he's playing ARK. And field all the silly Voicemoyles that we get. He could even play League Champ Lore Trivia for us. I'd totally listen to that Podcast. Thanks to our Listener of the Week, "Dazzling Duck"! Hey go check out MagikarpUsedFly's YouTube Channel. Or his Twitter, @themattcastro. Check out our League Subreddit; reddit.com/r/justokgamers. Leave us a Voicemoyle! Call 1-615-763-JOKG(5654) Join us on Mumble at mumble.justokgamers.com port: 36090 Add “Just OK Gamers” in League of Legends chat list to talk and play with us and other listeners. Don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes!

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