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CSB 222: That OD was OD! (feat. @TheSphereHunter)

June 6, 2023

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I Am The Machine
What It Means To Be Strong: The Desire To Improve In Street Fighter 6
Blizzard Fires Dude, Self Reports As Evil Corpo
What Has a 2 Hour Battery Life, No Controllers, & Costs $3500?
Question: Should Games Stop Passing the Torch to New Protagonists?
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  1. Prosecutors in the Yuji Naka insider trading trial have demanded a prison sentence of 2 years and six months and fines up to $1.2 million USD. His defense will try to reduce the fine and sentence. Final decision to be made on July 7th

  2. IRON SAGA VS: Super Robot Wars Fighter

  3. WoW dev fired because Blizzard saw the dialogue they added for an evil, corporate goblin character and confused it for a personal insult to the company by mistake

  4. Bobby Kotick Breaks His Silence: Embattled Activision CEO Addresses Toxic Workforce Claims as Microsoft Deal Hangs in Balance

  5. Introducing “As You Are”, a new short story about identity, love, and friendship starring Baptiste & Pharah

  6. FF7R1 Not Required for FF7R2?!

  7. Apple's VR headset with no controllers and a whopping TWO HOUR battery life is priced at $3,500

  8. SF6 recommends you replays of players winning match ups you recently lost so you can learn from these neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.