Wisdom Keys with Pastor Jomo Cousins

Financial Success God's Way Pt. 4 - We Must Spread Our Money...

March 16, 2016

Welcome family to a special Wisdom Key with Dr. Jomo Cousins. This week’s service continues our new series entitled “Financial Success God’s Way”, which was recently recorded at our worldwide ministry headquarters in Riverview, Florida. In this final sermon entitled, “We Must Spread Our Money Around”. Dr. Jomo explains how, “The seed you sow will leave your hand but never leave your life” This online broadcast is a ministry of Love First Christian Center and our goal is to provide the invigorating word of God in an easy to understand and easy to apply presentation. End closing, I leave you with this scripture and question:1 Chronicles 29:28(AMP) Will your descendants benefit from your investments? If you are on social media you can follow Dr. Jomo on Twitter @PastorJomo or like us on Facebook at Facebook.com/LoveFirstChristian. You’ve been listening to Wisdom Keys with Dr. Jomo Cousins until next time family have a blessed week.

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