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Difficult Listening Channel - 167 - Tommy Gun Blowup Doll or: Acid Reflux Body Paint Opera = FAIL!

Feb. 21, 2012

Tensions flare when Monica's OCD hits a new record. Max develops a taste for raw slug. Evelyn faces her worst fears when the police show up asking questions. Randy knows a secret and he starts a blog. Luis becomes seriously depressed when he finds out that it's impossible for him to live his dream life as a soccer mom. Danny farts in yoga class. After a night of marathon bar hopping Ricardo brings home a slut-opotamus. They make furious love in the living room for several hours. Much later, coming to his senses, Ricardo finds that he is now missing a kidney, two fingers and a lung. Plus, the rent is 3 days late and the sperm bank is closed. They share breakfast at Village Inn. After weeks of research, Lance figures out how to boil water. To celebrate, he pops a huge zit on his back, then uploads the video of it to YouTube. It goes viral - the video, not the zit. email: [email protected] web: neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.