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Twitter for Traffic Or Profit Or What?

Jan. 1, 1970

As I've recently stated, Twitter is a communications device, and since I didn't invent Twitter, I refuse to dictate how you should use it. I will only advise you what to do to get my results. Though I will also point out, as I have before, that a phone is a communications device as well, and while there isn't a "wrong" way to use it, it's much harder to hear a conversation if the receiver is lodged in your behind. So in this Free Traffic Tips Minicast, I talk about: * My opinion on whether Twitter equals traffic * Under what circumstances can you actually make money using Twitter? * My results with Twitter * What are some things you should do on Twitter if you want my results? * What are some reasons to be on Twitter as a business person, if you want my results or better? Download or stream the audio to hear the results. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.